Round the World Travel blogs

I guess it would be useful to add some links of RTW Blogs that I’ve found.

So here it is:

Russian language.

1) – Was first blog found by me. Inspired me to my own travel. Great guy Gennadiy, from Moldavia take his trip across the world and huge pile of countries. Awesome.

2) – That Bro still spinning his AfricaTwin’s wheels. Really interesting posts.

3) – Absolutely extraordinary man, Vladimir Yarets from Belarus. Old man deprived of hearing and speech abilities started his RTW journey FIFTEEN YEARS AGO – At year 2000. And still riding everywhere! What a great man.

English language.

1) – See upper.

That’s not a full collection, but since I’ve lost some of my data (including bookmarks) – for now there is nothing to add from me. Please, feel free to offer your links in comments :)