12.11.2015 Sleeping Camel, still in Bamako

Almost a month has passed since I came here. Truly – be careful with what you wish for. I said that I’ll stay here for maybe a month, look for a job, wait Christian. As a result, I have not found job (those ideas which I had after all were broken off), and it makes me absolutely nothing to do here and I wanted to move on, but other wishes came true. Contrary to my desires.

I said goodbye to Mark and he went in the direction of Ivory Coast. It is time to move off for me but I allowed myself a few days of rest. I’m not in a hurry, it seemed to me that I have a lot of time and was just waiting for the regular monthly flow of funds. Which is not came. And I was trapped. The payment system in the Sleeping Camel consists of saving all expenses “on account” – living in a tent, food, water, everything else – is recorded, and you have to pay upon departure. Without the availability of additional funds I did not have enough of my own to pay off, and all is left to do – to sit and wait for opportunities. With all visas made and serviced motorcycle.

During this time I had tasted almost all of the local cuisine and learn some French. The latter, however, is not much help to me – not only that the language consists of a continuum of sounds, as the locals still chattering on it faster than British on their English. Je ne sais pas, damn. Each day was like groundhog day. All around the circle again and again. At some points I was close to despair. Several times different people offered to me to sell my bike (here it is simple enough) and sometimes that idea slipped into my mind. But I throw it aside. The hope, as they say, dies last. During the process on the advice of Igor Cherskiy I did some useful things – made some changes on site, little twirled here and there, updated the section “About Me” and “Finances”.

The only thing that brightened my stay here – travelers that sometimes wanders into Sleeping Camel.

One day Hinnerk drove through the gates, on one-cylinder KTM about 400 cubes. Half-Ducth-half German, he was also was heading to Cape Town. I helped him with valves adjusting and some other motorcycle servicing. Well, it is always good when there is the opportunity to work with my hands and tell a little about the processes of care for motorcycle. It seems to me that there is still a glimmer of talent of teacher that I buried someday. Route of Hinnerk was similar to mine, which is useful for me – there will be more up to date information about the roads and the situation.


… I was sitting at the bar. Usual evening as well as dozens of previous ones. Overhead fan rotated lazily, driving off pesky insects. From audio speakers in the corner flow the sound of tunes, each of which I learned until the last note. I was finishing the penultimate cigarette when scrawny man with graying hair passed me by. He paused briefly to greet me and we struck up a little conversation. Andrew, from Slovenia. Driving a truck (of course it is Mercedes-Benz) for sale in Burkina Faso.

Andrew complained about the problem with the engine lost power in the last days. I called a myself as a mechanic and offered to help. We chatted a bit, agreed to start in the morning and I went to sleep.


And the next day turned everything upside down. Events rained one after another. I stuck out under the gas tank of the truck with my hands in dirt and oil to elbows and heard my phone tinkles from the incoming messages. Andrew and Eugene, his teammate also from Slovenia, in the same form participated in an exciting process. Goodfellas, with humor and a simple outlook on life. At one point we had a smoke break and I turned to the news of the phone. My Mother! Christian comes tomorrow! But the main thing is not it. The most important thing – its s a few incoming donations and at last! At last!!! I got an opportunity to escape from here. Yesterday I did not know how to deal with the situation, and today I was full of hopes and plans. I could go back on the road! To top it off – Andrew invited me to visit in Burkina, and so I got the first point to stop.

I could not sleep half the night being excited. And the next morning I began to gather being in euphoria. All that is left to me – to write this post, ready for dispatch and chat with Christian. Back on track!


P.S. I was suggested that people might be interested to hear about the local food and booze – ask in comments sections if so.


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