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Hi. My name is Stanislav Cherkasov. I am from Russia. And I love to travel by motorcycle.

It’s me:

And this is my faithful feathered friend made in Bavaria, BMW R1150GS, 2001:

I can fix all sorts of things:

Therefore, the way I sometimes get stuck is only due to lack of funds, as it was in Morocco, I crossed all of it totally penniless:

I love to travel, I like to look behind the corner, I like to ride a motorcycle, but most of all I like to discover not the places but people. A journey around the world has always been a dream of my life since childhood. There is Miklouho-Maclay listed in my own ancestors, so all this is not an coincidence.

Being a usual worker I systematically and slowly moved to the execution of my dream but when another financial crisis came and has ruined elmost everything – I asked myself. What I want – to earn money for the journey, or to make a journey? The answer was a second option. I packed up and left, relying on luck, support for those who will be interested to read my sketches and microsponsor in the face of the company Positive Technologies, in which I worked before leaving.

It’s not easy to travel this way. I often got stuck in different places and in different adventures (though the last is more by my desire of discovering people). But I am grateful to everyone who took participation in my journey and gives me the opportunity to discover previously unknown treasures of the people I meet. This luxury – the most precious thing in my journey.

In nowadays there are a lot of my travel colleagues roaming across this world so, instead of standard photo-reports, I try to tell the stories about my adventures, about my feelings, being inspired by “Jupiter’s Travels” of Ted Simon.

What I have?

– The experience of driving on the roads (and long-range travel, respectively) by two wheels more than 11 years
– Ability to drive any two-wheeled motor vehicles of serial class, plus ATVs, plus cars
– Motorcycle BMW R1150GS
– A pair of sets of riding gear for any weather conditions
– A variety of gadgets, action-camera GoPro3, laptop, navigation, mobile data storage, camera, intercom, etc.
– Experience in maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and various motorcycles
– Twicely done norm of “Iron Butt”, the first on the NV400 (Feodosia-Moscow 1700km, 25 hours, documented unconfirmed), the second on the R1150GS (Paris-Brest, 2000km, 28 hours, documented)
– English, plus some Deutsch and Spanish and now French.

You can find me in social networks:

Skype: motolight
Mail: ionset@gmail.com


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