31.12.2015 Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso

*through the crackle and hiss of white noise from the speaker of the radio accompanied by wistles of the wind voice appears, faint at first but becoming more distinct*

…very…sa-..heh…xpectedly happened my first New Year on the road. That feels unusual and strange. Without traditional mandarins, champagne and stuff. On the hot afternoon sun and temperature of 35 during the day. With dusty winds and ice water. In the land of Honored People.

Time to take a look back. 13 countries and five months of travel behind my back now. As usual for me – everything went absolutely not according to plan, but it’s for the better – dash all those plans. I had stuck a lot, but even that was a benefit – allowing me to deeper explore the surrounding people. Africa – it’s an amazing place, though it requires getting used to. Here, I can say, the real journey started. This is an amazing continent that can not be described in few words. Land without stupid prohibitions and with peculiar people mostly looking at the world with an open soul and spontaneity.

During my wanderings I met a lot of people, both locals and travelers, learned a lot of stories and destinies from them. And told mine countless times. People, emotions, feelings – that’s what I went out for. And only during the way you can meet these congenial people. All this slowly changing me, invisible and imperceptible, and that is one of the journey’s goals.

The road has not been smooth. There were moments of despair and unexpected risings – for the last in many respects thanks to those who supported me and believed in me. And thanks to the Positive, of course. Thank you all, guys. I wish you a new year of adventure and plenty of luck. Movement is life. Follow your dream, whatever it may be. Dream big. Take care of loved ones and relatives. And good luck.

Peace for everyone.

Will meet you in the next year. Desert Capybara out. End of connection.

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