07.08.2015 Genova, still Italy

Every time I’m going to write a new report – something happens. Internet breaks down, electricity is over, someone will comes for internet chat… Lucky me, today is more or less turned out well. Electricity still unavailable (only tricorn outlet for camper vans, discrimination again), but I managed more or less to charge the tablet from the motorcycle. This is, by the way, is also not an easy task. Try charging the device in direct sunlight when in shadow it is +37 … All overheats instantly. And me too.

I rode not far from Rome, only 250km – because I started very late, messing with GPS suddenly decided to droop in the heat, that vaunted Garmin. Dance with a tambourine and stuff, you know.

Once again I drove past the highway, trying to stay close to the Mediterranean Sea. Beautiful views but raising heat and prices 1.70 euro per liter of petrol. It’s normal or local, probably. Not for me. And again mess with campsites. For my tent and motorcycle I was charged as a night at the hotel. Fortunately, for the fifth time I managed to find a plus or minus an acceptable place with the ability to wash my boots in this very Mediterranean sea. A total of 27 euros, uh huh. Just to put up a tent.

But beside all of that grumbling… I sit with tasty Birra Moretti about the scene with a man singing and watch the Italians. How they remind me of our Russian South! The same sloppiness to the rules, the same open-wide-fun, the same strong families. They know how to relax, able to have fun. It infects, and now you are silently tapped the heel to the beat watching dancing people of all ages. I want to stay in it longer, but at 11 pm as though someone pulls the switch of fun – and after ten minutes I see a desert place, and a folding mini-bar. No, it still cannot be compared to our South. Maybe it’s better for me now because tomorrow comes new page, and it’s time to crawl into my lovely tent. Cheers!


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