15.07.2015 Finland

I sit in a bar remembering of times of old american movies. Round tables, round armchairs, randomly arranged in a circle around the stage. With that comes the music that I heard more than once in Chaplin’s silent films. Almost no one – night has not come yet and I enjoy a very good Finnish Lapin Kulta virtually alone. The floor felt tremors from the mighty power of the machine that pushes the ferry to the coast of Sweden.

I got two days of Finland behind my back.

Nasty weather at start, waterproof gear complex… I was gladly remembering Dilbert, which presented my waterproof glowes. Passing the border fast enough, confused and surprised face of Finnish border control “so, you can’t tell how many days will you stay in Finland?”, And excellent, but unusually slow-track given to me by navi with the option “to bypass the main roads”.

Helsinki, Rastila camping up on Karavaanikatu. Very good, if it were not disgusting WiFi. But the subway nearby – that’s the plus. Wandering in the the center of the city I accidentally found a very tiny place, which proved to be the smallest bar in Finland. Location that changed my mood upside-down.

Very interesting, awesome people. Classic phlegmatic bartender of small bar. Regulars of bar like the stereotypes of the film – two pretty girls, silent blond and sociable brunet; Heikki, drinking from 9-30 am (“the last time I drink on Wednesday and I was bad, I decided to try it on Tuesday”); Jukka, a beard (“Let Jah and beer will help you on the way); Max, who was born in the USSR, but moved with his family as a child in Finland, still sober for 5 years, pouring accumulated fellings in music and poetry. And a few casual visitors, all of whom were in their own finnish type. And I, voluntarily-involuntarily violated the habitual way of those friends. All this under the heavy metal and jazz pouring out of the speakers. A lot of talking, a lot of good words were said. Delightful people! Sorry, I could not find the time for a photo. I was in a hurry on the last subway train, bursting with positive from inside.

In the morning, a long time to pack my camp (the usual way of things have not yet developed), but still arrived an hour before the ferry start at the port – I was surprised – Jukka is working in the port! All were aware of my arrival (here, I do not even know who to thank – Polinochka or Jukka), I arranged an escort to the ferry, heard Good Luck at each post and in the end Jukka itself comes to say goodbye and to wish good luck again. Once I saw a cozy cabin with a porthole – I could only sigh. Thanks guys at the bar! Thanks Jukka! Thanks Polinochka! Thanks to the company’s St. Peter Line :)

… Music on the stage turned into jazz, and the tables began to fill with people. Evening comes into its own. I went on deck for smoking, staring at the horizon.


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