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Last day I received a letter from US Counsil. United States’ visa system encounters technical difficulties with visa database for a whole world, so my appointment with council has been shifted to June 29. That’s pretty much close to departure date. And they take passport for visa stamp and that’s not for a couple of days too. “First call” I thought, “I will see what comes next”. Main problem was ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm – Polinochka presented me a ticket for 7th of July.

I was contemplating about all this situation (maybe go for plan B – ride to Africa right after Europe, not the best plan, but realizable…) when I got the “Second call”. BMWCats (spare parts internet shop) encounters problems with delivering parts for my bike. And delivering time shifted too. For dates in between 1…8 of July… I could refuse order for this parts, but I decided that it’s enough “calls” and wrote to Polinochka for tickets date changing.

Thereby, start date delayed until July 11 instead of July 4.

Stay tuned!



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